What if you could have
an entire marketing department
working for you every day?

Launching a product or service on a new market is always a daunting task.
Mowgli helps you achieve early traction and sustainable growth by helping you identify the right target, position your brand correctly on the market and helping you get your value proposition across through the right channels.

// market launch activities

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Google and Facebook Display Ads

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization

Landing Pages and Funnel Creation

and More...

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Outsourced Marketing Department

A strong yet flexible collaboration.
We’ll work together to turn your business goals into digital awesomeness.

Innovation Consulting and Training

Discover how you can implement startup best practices within your company to increase productivity and turnover.

Remote Team
and Project Management

Your business and your brand.
Anywhere in the world.
Locally managed.

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