We are a strategic innovation boutique and marketing agency with a global reach.

As a distributed collective of top-tier professionals with fresh ideas about work and the market,
we build long-lasting relations with our partners
and guide them through the jungle of contemporary markets.

We are on the brink of a historical transformation in how people and organisations behave.

We share instead of owning.
We consume experiences instead of products.
We seek fulfilment in our job instead of stability.
We demand that our products be authentic and their producers transparent.

In the face of an evolving paradigm of capitalism,
work has clearly taken a sharp turn toward autonomy, decentralization and meaning.

How can you make these trend work for and not against your business?

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Outsourced Marketing Department

A strong yet flexible collaboration.
We’ll work together to turn your business goals into digital awesomeness.

Innovation Consulting and Training

Discover how you can implement startup best practices within your company to increase productivity and turnover.

Remote Team
and Project Management

Your business and your brand.
Anywhere in the world.
Locally managed.

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