Can’t keep up with rapid development of technology and changes in the digital landscape? Mowgli can.

We have helped dozens of startups and large companies to embrace change and ride on the Internet’s disruptive potential while others are still struggling to adopt it. The sweet spot is in staying true to your corporate DNA and being flexible or lean enough to adopt market change.
In Mowgli, we have mastered a whole toolkit of culture and processes most innovative companies have adopted before finally crafting our own. The result is a set of effective toolkit, system, and formula we are pleased to share with some of our most forward-thinking clients.

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  • Make it Creative

    We believe that creativity plays a crucial role in problem solving. Our design-thinking solution is a proven method to help companies come up with creative solutions--even to the most challenging problems. We will teach you how to think out of the box systematically, and find groundbreaking solutions to make your business more effective and efficient.

  • Make it Smart

    Data has revealed the 3 keys to a healthy and productive company culture: goal orientedness, personal freedom, and working ‘in the flow’. We help you discover the tools and processes that have helped thousands of companies around the world achieve peak productivity while making their employees some of the happiest around.

  • Make it Lean

    Forget long product design, expensive marketing, and 5-year business plan. Our lean startup method helps you think in terms of minimum viable product, tests and iterations, as well as platform business models. Proven to greatly increase the likelihood of success for new ventures, we assist you in applying this model to innovate and disrupt mature and stagnating markets.

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We have extensive track record in bringing old-fashioned companies to the cutting edge of innovation


You don’t get proprietary innovation frameworks and tools anywhere else!


We don’t just execute. We take responsibility on the overall outcome of the project.

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